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Group News

April 2024 Three papers accepted in the same month! Congrants to Erik on his study of polyoxometallate electrolytes for electrification of waste heat, to LeRoy on his investigation of MOF colloidal stability, and to Ashley on her pioneering applicaiton of VSFSS to study nanoparticle surfaces!!!
October 2023 Kentaro's manuscript on iron sulfur cubane-based polymers appears in Chem. Sci., after a great year of already 4 papers from the lab!
December 2022 Carl nabs 1st prize at the 2022 Dream Chemistry Award!
June 2022 Faiqa, Audrey, and Ashley become the newest members of the lab. Welcome!! And a big welcome to Sergio Tatay, our visiting professor of Valencia!
March 2022 A big welcome to Kasinath from the Koper group, our most recent postdoc and addition to the Brozek lab!
February 2022 Carl is named one of the 2022 Cottrell Scholars!!!
February 2022 Jake and Kevin each publish great papers in Chem. Mater. and ACS Mat. Lett. Nice work guys!!
March 2021 Our superstar postdoc Kentaro Kadota receives the Inoue Research Award and a JSPS!!
October 2020 DOUBLE WHAMMY!! LeRoy and Stacey each have papers accepted!!
September 2020 A big welcome to our newest rotation students Zach, Veronica, and Alex!
May 2020 We are VERY excited to welcome Augie, Kevin, and Emma as the newest grad students in the Brozek lab!
April 2020 JACS just accepted another awesome publication with the Jasti group!
March 2020 Congratulations to undergrad Alexi Overland for being named a Renewable Energy Foundation Scholarship awardee!!
March 2020 Farewell Kostas!—the lab's first alumnus starts his career in Columbus, Ohio
October 2019 Check out our collaborative publication with the Jasti gropup in JOC!! Great job Ramesh and co-workers!
September 2019 Published in Chemical Science, Checkers and Sara pioneer the group's very first paper!!
July 2019 Kevin and Emma join as early rotation students. We're excited to welcome them aboard!
May 2019 Welcome Leroy, Alexi, and Stacey, the newest Brozek lab members!
May 2019 Checkers passes candidacy exams like a real champ. Congratulations Checkers!!!!
February 2019 Gloveboxes are ready for use. Check out the photos of their high-flying journey!
January 2019 We are excited to host the newest Brozek Lab rotons Allison, Alison, and Aaron. Welcome!!!
September 2018 A warm WELCOME to Tavis, Grace, and Candy to the UO and the Brozek Lab!
June 2018 Checkers Marshall becomes the very first student in the Brozek lab. Welcome, Checkers!!
March 2018 Carl accepts a faculty position at the University of Oregon starting in July!